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[OBO-Werke GmbH] A tradename for cast Polyurethane boards and blocks mainly used for model construction, tool making and mold production. Obomodulan board are homogeneous and fine-celled with smooth surfaces. It has a high edge stability, small thermal expansion coefficient, low dust formation when being machined. The thermoplastic boards can be easily shaped at temperatures up to 120C.

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Obomodulan is used as a structural material for display decks, display panels and risers.

Personal Risks

  • Produces fine dust that is a potential eye and respiratory irritant.
  • Dust should be collected by suction cleaning equipment or use dust mask or respirator.
  • OBO-Werke: MSDS

Collection Risks

Degraded by ultraviolet light and may contain UV absorbers or antioxidants. Combustible, but slow-burning.

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Working Properties

  • Standard wood product finishing processes. Smooth and homogeneous surface combined with an even cell structure.
  • Porosity depends on board density. Obo 500 takes primer well and is dense enough for smooth finish without much extra work. Higher density panels (1400) give more structural stability.
  • Standard primer and painting methods. Adhesives stick fairly well, good for laminates and textiles.
  • Machines smoothly, does not chip, no banding, sands easily to a smooth surface.
  • Readily accepts and holds hardware including staples, scress and other wood fastening hardware. Ideal for pressure fitting mounts.
  • More labor with large scale builds due to small plank size. Need to adhere planks together with Obo Polyurethane 2-part adhesive and add splines for extra support.
  • Best for risers, back panels and small display decks with fewer joins. Design for thickness no less than 1".

Forms and Sizes

  • Most common for casework: Obo 500 comes in sheet sizes of 1" x 20" x 80" (25 x 500 x 2000mm)
  • Range of 10 different densities between 200 - 1200 kg/m3. There are 8 different dimensions to a maximum of 2000 x 1000 mm and thicknesses of up to 200 mm are available.

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