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MFA# 17.2190a-b


A small, evergreen tree, Olea europaea, native to the Mediterranean region. The small tree is grown commercially for its fruits and oil. The dense, durable wood of the olive tree is yellowish to light brown with a greenish tinge and a straight, close grain. Some older trees produce wood with decorative figuring. Olive wood polishes to a smooth glossy surface. It is used for furniture, inlay, carving, turnery, and small decorative items.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Olea europaea; Olivenbaum (Deut.); Echter Ölbaum (Deut.); olivo (Esp., It.); olivier (Fr.); olijfboom(Ned.); oliventre (Nor.); oliwka (Pol.); oliveira (Port.); olivträd (Sven.); olive-wood; olive wood; olivewood

Olive wood box
MFA# 37.342

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Shrub or small tree to 8 m high.
  • Bark=light gray-brown; smooth aging to gnarled and bumpy.
  • Leaves=simple, opposite, oblong, pointed (4-10 cm long).
  • Fruit=oblong green drupe up to 3 cm turning purple or black when ripe in winter.
  • Density = 50-60 ppcf

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