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Orlon at 200x polarized light
Orlon at 200x


Spun Orlon Type 75 Acrylic

[DuPont] A registered trademark for an Acrylic fiber. In 1950 Orlon® became the first commercially manufactured acrylic fiber. Orlon® is made from polymerized acrylonitrile. The acrylic resin is dissolved in a solvent, then extruded through spinnerets to produce long, continuous filaments. The smooth, thermoplastic fibers are resistant to wrinkles, chemicals, UV light, weathering, insects, mildew, and moisture. They produce fabrics that are lightweight, soft, durable and fast drying. They are, however, susceptible to heat and will melt or burn. Acrylic fibers are used for carpets, blankets, drapes, outdoor products and apparel such as sweaters, coats, linings, hosiery, dresses, and shirts. DuPont discontinued Orlon fibers in 1990.

For micrographs, please see http://cameo.mfa.org/wiki/Category:FRIL:_Acrylic

Synonyms and Related Terms

acrylic fiber; DuPont Fiber A








Properties of Synthetic Fibers

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