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Windsor Newton ox gall liquid solution


A semitransparent liquid obtained from the gall bladders of cattle. Oxgall, or ox bile, contains sodium choleate salts (taurochloate and glycochloate) with some Cholesterol, Lecithin, and other natural products. Oxgall is dried and powdered, then mixed with Water or ethanol for use. It is an effective natural Wetting agent that is used with watercolor paints to facilitate flow. Oxgall has also been used in marbling, engraving, lithography, and textile dyeing. It has been used as a Plasticizer in glue-paste mixtures (Ackroyd, 1996).

Ox gall paste and water matt

Synonyms and Related Terms

ox gall ; ox-gall (Br.); ox bile; sodium choleate; Bi-ketolan; Bilein; Bilicholan; Cholatol; Crescefel; desicol; Doxychol; Glycotauro; Panoxolin; Plebilin

Other Properties

Soluble in water, ethanol.

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