Pagoda tree

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Pagoda tree Styphnolobium japonicum


A medium sized tree, Styphnolobium japonicum, native to Japan, China and India. The Japanese pagoda tree is considered one of the best trees for bonsai. Also, a yellow-green dye, Waifa green, is produced by dipping Alum mordanted Cotton in the flower extract then drying the cloth in the sun.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Japanese pagoda tree (Sophora japonica; Styphnolobium japonicum); waifa; enjo (Jap.)

Flower of pagoda tree Sophora japonica

EEM color

Pagoda tree color.PNG

EEM line

Pagoda tree line.PNG

Other Properties

Broad spreading tree growing to 10-20 m Bark = grayish or reddish brown with vertical furrows Leaves = alternate pinnate Flower = creamy white, hanging clusters Fruit = Green pod containing pearl-like seeds

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