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Palm trees


A common name for over 2000 species of tropical evergreen trees from the Palmaceae group. Palm trees typically have a single unbranched trunk topped with fronds. Palms are an important source of oil and food, i.e. coconut, date, sago, etc. Fibers from the leaves of the palm trees are used for baskets, mats, and cords. The areca nuts from betel palms (Areca catechu) have also been used as food as well as to produce a tan/orange/brown dye.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Palmaceae; palm tree; Palme-familien (Dan.); Palmengewächse (Deut.); Palmera (Esp.); Arécacées (Fr.); palmiers (Fr.); palma (It.); Palmenfamilie (Ned.); Palmbomen (Ned.); Arekowate (Pol.); palmowate(Pol.); Palmeira (Port.)

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