Paraloid B-44

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[Rohm & Haas] A registered trademark for a clear, colorless, thermoplastic acrylic resin. Paraloid B-44 (formerly called Acryloid B-44 in the United States) is composed of a methyl methacrylate and ethyl acrylate copolymer. Paraloid B-44 is used for paints and clear coating for metals. It is the primary ingredient in Incralac metal coating. It produces a tough, flexible coating that yellows and becomes difficult to remove after long outdoor exposure. Paraloid® B-44 is supplied as solid pellets or as a 40% solids solution in toluene (Paraloid B-44S).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Acryloid® B-44; Paraloid® B-44S; Paraloid B44 (sp) Paraloid B-44 (sp); Acryloid B44 (sp); Acryloid B-44 (sp)

Physical and Chemical Properties

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