Phenylmercuric chloride

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White satiny crystals that have been used as a Disinfectant, and Fungicide. Phenylmercuric chloride is no longer recommended for use due to the hazards of Mercury compounds to humans and the environment.

Synonyms and Related Terms

chlorophenylmercury; phenyl mercuric chloride; Stopspot; (chloromercuri)benzene; mercuriphenyl chloride; phenyl chloromercury

Chemical structure

Phenylmercuric chloride.jpg


  • Highly toxic by ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption.
  • Causes burns and nerve disorders.
  • Fisher Scientific: MSDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in benzene, ether, pyridine. Slightly soluble in hot ethanol. Insoluble in water.

Composition C6H5HgCl
CAS 100-56-1
Melting Point 250-252 C
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 313.14

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