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[ITW Philadelphia Resins, Montgomeryville, PA] A trademark for an Epoxy adhesive that was formerly sold as Pliacré. Phillyseal R (for Rat Seal) was originally prepared as a sealer to prevent rats from entering ships and submarines. The viscous epoxy resin contains bisphenol A diglycidyl ether with a magnesium silicate filler. Mixing with the dark-color, amido-amine hardener in 1:1 proportions forms a grayish workable putty-like material. Phillyseal R cures exothermically to form a very hard material that can be sanded, cut, or drilled. It will adhere to Wood, Metal, Plastic, Glass, and Porcelain, if the surface is free of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants.

Production of this product was discontinued as of 2007 and Procreate Putty was suggested as an alternative. However based on multiple tests (including Oddy), the following products were suggested as possible alternatives by Farrar et al.(WAAC 2009).

Product Manufacturer (Link)
Fast curing paste 5-30 min. set time, 6-8 hr. cure
Akabond 621 KG Wood and Stone Co (product still available, company not found) Tech data sheet
Slow curing pastes 2-4 hr. set time, 24 hr. cure
Fixit Paste Aves Studio FIXIT-Paste
Magic Smooth The Compleat Sculptor
Fast curing stick putties 5-30 min. set time, 30-60 min. cure
PC-Crete PC Products PC-Crete
PC-Plumbing PC Products PC-Plumbing
PC-Metal PC Products PC-Metal
PC-Marine PC Products PC-Marine
Slow curing putties 2-4 hr. set time, 24 hr. cure
Apoxie Sculpt Aves Studio Apoxie Sculpt
Fixit Putty (White) Aves Studio FIXIT

Note: Because of the variability of material types and treatment options for art objects, any of these epoxies should be evaluated further prior to use for a specific application. As of Jan. 2024, the above table was updated for product availability and website links.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Pliacré; Pliacre; Rat Seal


  • Contact with hardener will cause irritation.
  • After cure, Phillyseal R is not hazardous.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Resistant to acids and alkalis.
  • Deteriorated by methylene chloride.
  • Color: Resin=off-white; Hardener-black; Mixture=gray
  • Cure time: 16 hours
  • Hard set: 6 hours

Working Properties

  • To repair ceramic losses, the catalyzed putty can be rolled into thin sheets, laid over a protected plastic-covered vase, and allowed to slump over the vase to assume its contours. Once set, the sheet could be trimmed to shape and adhered into the loss. It was then finished with acrylic paint.
  • For mountmaking, it was often used an an interference layer. Its shape-forming ability allow intimate contact between uneven section of an object and mount (when covered with a suitable protective layer).
  • Mixing by weight is encouraged to ensure that no component is present in excess, particularly catalyst.
  • Water can be used for smoothing

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