Phosphorus acid

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White hygroscopic crystals that is usually marketed as a 20% aqueous solution. Phosphorus acid is a good reducing agent and a stronger acid than phosphoric acid. Phosphorous acid is primarily used as a reagent and to make phosphate salts.

Synonyms and Related Terms

orthophosphorous acid; phosphonic acid; phosphorous phlogisticated

Chemical structure

Phosphorous acid.jpg


  • Corrosive on contact. Causes burns.
  • Fisher Scientific: MSDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in water, ethanol.

Composition H3PO3
CAS 13598-36-2
Melting Point 73 C
Density 1.65 g/ml
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 82.0
Boiling Point 200 C (dec)

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