Polyester film

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Archival Polyester Envelopes


An extruded sheet of Polyester resin. Polyester films are typically stiff but flexible and highly transparent. They are dimensionally and chemically stable. Polyester film, such as Mylar®, is used for photographic film, storage sleeves, drafting and linings.

Synonyms and Related Terms

película de poliéster (Esp.); film polyester (Fr.); feuille polyester (Fr.); pellicule polyester (Fr.); film di poliestere (It.); película de poliéster (Port.); drafting film

Examples: Geofilm [Hughes-Owens]; Transpagra; Mylar® [DuPont Teijin]; Melinex® [DuPont Teijin]; Cronar® [DuPont Teijin]; Hostaphan 43SM [Mitsubishi];

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Resistant to weak acids, weak alkalis, bleach and most organic solvents.
  • Degrades in strong alkalis, strong acids, cresol.

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