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Museo Nacional del Prado - Madrid (Prado National Museum - Madrid)

The main objective of the Museo del Prado is to accomplish the following purposes:

- Guarantee the protection, conservation as well as encouraging the enrichment and improvement of the Spanish Heritage related to the Museum.

- Exhibit the Collection in accurate conditions in order to allow its enjoyment and study.

- Foster and guarantee access to the collection. Provide the study of collections to researchers. Boost knowledge and promotion of the Museum's works of art and heritage supporting educational programs and cultural disclosure activities.

- Develop research programs as well as training programs to professionals. Organize temporary exhibitions in collaboration with other museums, universities and/or cultural institutions in a mutual compromise just to achieve the exhibition's purpose. Encourage partnership with institutions within or closely linked to the Public Administration, paying attention to those with a high approach and profile in the museum field.

- Offer services of counseling, researching, scientific or technical reporting, to State General Administration's bodies if required, or if related with agreements or contracts granted to both public and private entities or individuals, as long as it complains with previously settled conditions and requirements

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Postal Address Museo Nacional del Prado

Calle Ruiz de Alarcón 23

28014 MADRID (Spain)

Phone +34 91 330 2800
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