Print Guard Ink Jet Lacquer

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Print Guard Aerosol Spray


[Lyson] A brand name for a UV-absorbing aerosol lacquer sold to minimize fading of water-based colorants, such as ink jet printer inks and water colors. Print Guard lacquer also protects the prints from moisture, dust, dirt, and fingerprints. The clear, non-yellowing coating dries quickly in air. The UV inhibitors in the coatings were shown to reduce fading of 4-color Epson OEM inks by an average of 39% ( The lacquer polymer is stated by to be the same as that used in automotive windshield laminates, which is most likely Polyvinyl butyral.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Printguard; Print Guard Aerosol Spray; Print Guard Archival Top-coat; Print Guard Brush-on Lacquer

Physical and Chemical Properties

Contains isopropanol as a solvent.

Resources and Citations

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