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A manganese dioxide ore that is used as a decolorizer in the manufacture of glass. The lustrous, metallic black ore is mined in various regions of Germany, Brazil, Cuba, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, India and the U.S.(Georgia, Minnnesota). Pyrolusite is used in the manufacture of ferromanganese, Steel and manganese bronze.

Synonyms and Related Terms

glassmaker's soap; pirolusita (Esp.); pirolusite (Port.); Pyrolusit (Deut.); pyrolusiet (Ned.)

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Tetragonal crystal system, usually found as massive columns.
  • Cleavage is perfect in one direction.
  • Fracture is splintery; brittle.
  • Luster = metallic to dull.
  • Streak = black to bluish black.
Mohs Hardness 2.0 - 2.5
Density 4.75 g/ml

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