Pyronine Y

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Shiny, green crystals that form a red aqueous solution Pyronine Y produces a pale yellow Autofluorescence in ultraviolet light. It is used as a bacteriological and biological Fluorochrome. It has a mean excitation wavelength of 410 nm (violet/blue) and a mean emission wavelength of 540 nm (Wolbers et al., 1990).

Chemical structure

Pyronine Y.jpg

Synonyms and Related Terms

pyronin; CI 45005; 3,6-bis(dimethylamino)xanthylium chloride; pyronine G; pyronin yellow; tetramethyldiaminoxanthylium chloride

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in water and ethanol.

Composition C17H19ClN2O
CAS 92-32-0
Melting Point 250-260 C
Molecular Weight 302.80


  • Fisher Scientific: MSDS

Resources and Citations

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