Rabbitskin glue

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Rabbitskin glue


A strong, water-soluble adhesive obtained from the hydrolyzed products of the skin of rabbits. Rabbitskin glue consists primarily of Gelatin and other Protein residues of Collagen, Keratin, or Elastin. These agglutinating materials are broken down in boiling water; the cooled solution yields the jelly-like glue which is cast into flat sheets. Rabbitskin glue is a dark brown and tends to be more flexible than bone or hide glue. For many years, rabbitskin glue was the preferred adhesive for gilders.

Synonyms and Related Terms

cola de conejo (Esp.); colletta (It.); colla di coniglio (It.); rabbit glue; rabbit skin glue

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in water.

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