Redwood dye

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Redwood dye on silk
Uemera Dye Archive


1) A soluble red dye obtained brazilwood.

2) An insoluble red dye from many varieties of trees, such as camwood (Baphia nitida - West Coast of Africa), barwood (Baphia nitida Lodd., Sierra Leone), narrawood (Philippines), caliatour wood (East Indies) and sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus, tropical Asia) can all be classified as insoluble Redwoods. They all contain santalin. Though they resemble Brazilwood, their dyes are much more stable and difficult to prepare. See Sandalwood dye.

Synonyms and Related Terms

colorante de madera roja (Esp.); colorant à base de bois rouge (Fr.); sandalwood; camwood; barwood; caliaturwood; narrawood; sanderswood

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