Regalrez hydrocarbon resins

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[Eastman formerly Loos and Dillworth] A registered trademark of Hercules for a series of low molecular weight hydrocarbon resins. All types are produced by polymerization and hydrogenation of pure monomer hydrocarbon feedstocks. They are advertised as highly stable, light colored, low molecular weight resin suggested for use in plastics modification, adhesives, coatings, sealants, and caulks.

  • Regalrez™ 1018 a nonpolar hydrocarbon resin. Tech Data
  • Regalrez 1085 hydrocarbon resin. Tech Data
  • Regalrez® 1094 is a hydrogenated oligomer of styrene and alpha-methyl styrene. Regalrez 1094 is the base material in both Gamvar Picture varnish and UVS Finishing varnish. It contains no added antioxidants or UV stabilizers. Tech Data
  • Regalrez™ 1126 hydrocarbon resin highly resistant to yellowing. Regalrez 1126 contains no added antioxidants or UV stabilizers. Tech Data
  • Regalrez 3102 hydrocarbon resin. Tech Data
  • Regalrez™ 6108 hydrocarbon resin containing both cycloaliphatic and aromatic resins. Tech data

Synonyms and Related Terms

Regalrez 1094; Gamvar Picture varnish; UVS Finishing varnish;

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