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A device are worn over the nose and mouth to minimize inhalation of dust and fumes. There are three basic types of respirators:

1. Air-Supplying - These respirators supply fresh air or oxygen by means of a gas cylinders or air compressor. They are complex and expensive systems that are usually only used in oxygen-deprived atmospheres.

2. Air-Purifying - These respirators use filters or chemical cartridges to purify ambient air as it is inhaled. They can be as simple as a dust mask or as complex as a full-face mask with multiple cartridges. Different cartridges and filters are designed to trap specific gases, vapors and dusts, such as solvents, silica or lead.

3. Powered Air- Purifying - These respirators pump ambient air through filters or cartridges then supply it to the interior of a full face mask. These respirators are often used when normal air-purifying respirator do not fit properly.

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