Rib knit

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Knit socks with ribbed tops
MFA# 69.742a-b


Ribbed silk stocking
MFA 69.489a-b

Rib (or ribbed) knit fabric has a vertical ridged pattern created through alternating rows of knit and purl stitches. Rib knits have ridges and valleys alternating on both sides of the fabric. they have lengthwise ribs that are stretchier in the width than in the length. Ribbed knit are often used in sweaters, hats, socks, waistlines, collars and cuffs because of its elasticity. A converse pattern, called purl knit, produce the ridges in a horizontal direction. Pattern knits, use variable numbers of knit and purl stiches to produce variable ridges and valleys.

Synonyms and Related Terms

rib knit; rib stitch; purl knit; pattern knit

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