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Colorless needles and plates that forma a red solution. Rosaniline is formed from one molecule of Aniline and two of toluidine. All varieties of magenta dyes are salts this tripheylmethane compound. Chlorination of rosaniline produces Magenta (rosaniline chloride). Currently, rosaniline is used as a Fungicide, fabric Dye, and Ink colorant. It is also a Fluorochrome. It has a mean excitation wavelength of 570 nm (green) and a mean emission wavelength of 625 nm (Wolbers et al. 1990).

Synonyms and Related Terms

roseaniline (sp); pararosaniline; rosaniline hydrochloride (magenta); CI 42500

Chemical structure


Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in acids, hot ethanol and aniline. Slightly soluble in boiling water. Insoluble in ether and benzene.

Composition C20H19N3
CAS 25620-78-4
Melting Point 205 C
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 305.38


  • Potential carcinogen.
  • Contact causes irritation.
  • Fisher Scientific: MSDS

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