Skunk hair

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Skunk and Strawberries
MFA# 2018.3136
Skunk Mephitis mephitis


Fibers obtained from the tails of the North American skunk (Mephitis mephitis) and the South American skunk (Coneaptus mephitu). The long white or black guard hairs have been used for paint brushes.

Synonyms and Related Terms

polecat; zorrino; sorino; wood pussy; North American skunk (Mephitis mephitis); South American skunk (Coneaptus mephitu); stinkdyr (Dan.); Skunk (Deut., Ned.); zorrino (Esp.); mouffette (Fr.); (It.); stinkdieren (Ned.); stinkdyrene (Nor.); skunkar (Sven.)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Cross section of butt end is circular becoming flattened and twisted further along the hair.

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Resources and Citations

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