Stained glass

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La Farge Stained glass; MFA # 69.1224


Colored or painted Glass used for decorative patterns in windows. Stained glass windows were thought to have begun from the glass mosaics used in Roman times. Over the years the colorful patterns have developed into two forms. In one method, colored glass is cut into patterns and fastened together with Lead strips. For the second method, the glass is painted or enameled (see Flash glass).

Thistle Window
MFA# 2006.1437

Synonyms and Related Terms

enameled glass; mosaic windows; leaded glass; flash glass; colored glass; vitráž (Ces.); Glasmalerei (Deut.); vitral (Esp., Port.); vitraux (Esp.); vidriera de colores (Esp.); vitrail (Fr.); gebrandschilderd glas (Ned.); glassmaleri (Nor.); witra¿ (Pol.)

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