Sturgeon glue

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A transparent, colorless, water soluble Fish glue. Sturgeon glue, also called isinglass, is made from air bladders of the great Russian beluga sturgeon, Acipenser huso, found in the fresh waters of the Caspian and Black Seas. To prepare isinglass, the air bladders are removed from the fish, cleaned and air dried. The dried bladder is cut into thin translucent strips. These strips, which are nearly 80% collagen, are dissolved in hot water then diluted and cooled into flat disks. The strong, water soluble adhesive is used in low concentrations. Isinglass is used as a clarifying agent in the manufacture of fish glue, as a size for handmade paper and has been used in Russia as a paint medium. Sturgeon glue is rarely available outside of Russia.

Synonyms and Related Terms

isinglass; cola de esturión (Esp.); colle d'esturgeon (Fr.); colla di storione (It.); colla di pesce (It.); Russian isinglass;

Resources and Citations

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