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Bark cloth (Tapa)
MFA# 85.485


A thin, paper-like cloth made from the bark of the breadfruit (Artocarpus communis ) or the paper mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera ) on the islands of the South Pacific. Stalks from the tree are cut and stripped of their outer bark, then the white inner bark is softened in water and pounded to a flat, thin sheet. Tapa is used for clothing, wall coverings, lamp shades, paper, and painting.

Synonyms and Related Terms

bark cloth; tapa cloth; kapa cloth (Hawaii); hale kua; ngatu (Tonga); siapo (Samoa); masi (Fiji);

Pictorial tapa
MFA# 2002.788
Bark cloth (Tapa)
MFA# 99.127

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