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National Research Institute for Cultural Properties (Tobunken),Tokyo

"The National Research Institute for Cultural Properties in Tokyo was originally founded in 1930 as the Art Research Institute with an endowment bequested by the late Viscount KURODA Seiki, former president of the Academy of Art. It was, then, reorganized in 1952 into the Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Properties with the establishment of its Departments of Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Conservation Science, and General Affairs. The Department of Restoration Techniques was added in 1973. The Department of Archives was set up in 1977. The Division of International Cooperation for Conservation was set up in 1993 and then converted into the Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation in 1995, thus expanding the Institute to its present scale." (from website"

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Postal Address National Research Institute for Cultural Properties

13-43 Ueno Park


Tokyo 110-8713


Fax +81 03 3828 2434
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Bilingual in English and Japanese. Periodical - Hozon Kagaku (Conservation Science) published since 1964

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