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[Saint-Gobain] A registered trademark for a series of flexible tubing designed for fluid transfer applications. Tygon products fall into three categories: process systems, biopharmaceutical [1], and medical. [2] . The original Tygon® tubing, now called Tygon® Laboratory tubing, is made from polyvinyl chloride plasticized with di-2-ethylhexylphthalate (DEHP) and is not recommended for use in conservation (Williams 1987). The various kinds of PVC tubings contain from 22-52% of the oily plasticizer. As the tubing ages, the plasticizer will migrate to the surface producing visible oily deposits that can easily transfer to any contacting material. Additionally, polyvinyl chloride will degrade with time slowly releasing hydrogen chloride gas. Other types of Tygon® tubing include:

  • Tygon S3™ E-3603 non-DEHP Laboratory Tubing: flex-fatigue and abrasion resistant. Used for instrumentation connection, vent, drain, and other general laboratory applications. [3] (Brochure)
  • Tygon® Inert tubing: PVC with FEP inner liner
  • Tygon® SPT-3350 Smooth, Silicone tubing: Used for food and beverage dispensing (Brochure)
  • Tygon® 2475 High purity tubing: plasticizer free, clear and flexible. Hydrophobic – will resist absorption/adsorption of aqueous fluids. (Brochure)
  • Tygon® E-1000 Ultra-Soft Tubing: resists twisting and collapse, retains flexibility in low temperatures, clear. (Brochure)
  • Tygon® MPF series: PVC free flexible tubing

A comprehensive list of all available Tygon tubing products can be found on the Saint-Gobain website.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Tygon tubing


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° Tygon Tube, S-50-HL Class VI tested in 2009.

Forms and Sizes

Sold in 15m or 50 ft, depending on supplier. Inner and outer diameter depends on the specific Tygon tubing product.

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