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William and Margaret Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record, University of Texas at Austin School of Information

Preservation and Conservation Studies is a Graduate Specialty Program in the School of Information at UT Austin. Since its inception as the Conservation Education Program in the School of Library Service at Columbia University in 1981, PCS has graduated more than 130 students. PCS students learn the art and science of collections care and the methods of managing and promoting preservation activities in order to fulfill the fundamental goal of extending the life of materials in libraries and archives to serve the need for which they are held. (extracted from website)

Web Address http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/programs/
Postal Address UT-Austin

Preservation and Conservation Studies

1 University Station D7000

Austin, TX 78712

Phone +1 512 471 8290
Fax +1 512 471 8285
Contact kilgarlin@ischool.utexas.edu
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