Vine black

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An unstandardized term used in the 19th century for Carbon black pigments obtained from pyrolyzed vegetable sources. Vine black, once synonymous with yeast black, has also been made from grapevines. Vine black did not have the intensity or tinting strength of Lampblack or Ivory black, but it had excellent lightfastness.

Synonyms and Related Terms

charcoal black; Pigment Black 8; noir de vigne (Fr.); Rebenschwarz (Deut.); wijnrankenzwart (Ned.); nero vite (It.); negro de videira (Port.); yeast black; grape black; kernel black; drop black; cork black; mare black; marc black; Spanish black; German black; Frankfort black; blue black



Physical and Chemical Properties

ASTM (1999) lightfastness = I (excellent)

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