Vivak clear 099

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[Bayer MaterialScience AG] A clear transparent thermoplastic sheet composed of polyester terephthalate glycol. Vivak® clear 099 sheets are easy to machine, are formable at low temperatures, flame-retardant, and highly impact resistant. The sheets are marketed for use in displays, signs, containers, and shelving. Related products include:

  • Vivak 2099: UV coated sheets
  • Vivak HT clear 099: softens at 91C

Synonyms and Related Terms

Vivak 099; Vivak clear 099; clear099; Vivak 2099; Vivak HT clear 099


  • Book cradles
  • Spacers


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Softening temperature = 80C
  • Recyclable = code 2
  • Density = 1.27
  • Refractive Index = 1.567

Forms and Sizes

  • Available in thicknesses of 0.512 mm (Europe and North America)

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