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Rocking chair
MFA#: 1976.122


Grand piano
MFA Acc#: 1982.178

Strong, valuable, hardwood trees of the genus Juglans native to the temperate climates of the northern hemisphere. Walnut trees have fine-grain, uniform wood that polishes to a high gloss. They are used for furniture, painting panels, frames, sculptures, veneer, piano cases, carving, and gun stocks. A drying oil is pressed from the nut kernels and is used in artist paints. Ground nut shells are used as a filler in plastics and as a soft abrasive. A dark brown dye can also be extracted from the nut shells.

MFA Acc#: 1985.36
  • American or Black walnut (J. nigra): native to the eastern U.S.
  • Butternut or white walnut (J. cinerea): native to the eastern U.S.
  • California walnut (J. californica): native to the western U.S.
  • English, Circassian, Persian, French walnut (J. regia): native to Eurasia
  • Chinese walnut (J. cathayensis): native to Asia
Silk dyed with walnut bark; Uemera Dye Archive
Walnut, tangential view

Synonyms and Related Terms

noyer (Fr.); Walnuss (Deut.); noce (It.); nogueira (Port.); nogal (Esp.); black walnut (Juglans nigra); Queen Ann's cabinet wood; Butternut or white walnut (J. cinerea); California walnut (Juglans californica); English walnut (Circassian walnut, Persian walnut, French walnut (Juglans regia); Chinese walnut (Juglans cathayensis)

Collection Risks

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° Walnut Tested in 2012

° Walnut Tested in 2012 for comparison to coated Walnut wood

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Height: 30-40 me
  • Bark: grey-black with deeply furrowed, thin ridges in a diamond pattern
  • Leaves: pinnately compound alternating on stem with 15-23 leaflets. Stem is 20-60 cm long
  • Density = 40-50 ppcf
  • Fruit: nuts ripen in late summer/fall with a greenish brown husk encasing a brown nut

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