Whale oil

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Whale oil lamp
MFA# 1978.731


A yellowish oil obtained from the blubber of whales (order Cetacea, such as Balaena mysticetus). Whale oil was extracted from the blubber with steam. It is composed of the glycerides of fatty acids: oleic (35.2%), stearic (2.8%), palmitic (15.6%), myristic (9.3%), palmitoleic (14.4%) and others. At one time whale oil was used for manufacturing soaps, candles, and as a lubricant for textile spinning machines. The smoky, odorous oil was considered an inferior source of lighting fuel. It has since been superseded by synthetic oils.

Sperm whale

Synonyms and Related Terms

sperm oil; sod oil

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Saponification no. = 180-197
  • Iodine no. = 105-135
  • Density = 0.920-0.927 g/ml
  • Refractive Index = 1.460

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