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Abatron WoodEpox®


[Abatron, Kenosha WI] A structural adhesive putty composed 2-part epoxy filled with microballoons. WoodEpox® is a high-strength, no-shrink, lightweight, light-colored compound that can be used in any thickness to fill, replace, and repair wood and other materials. It can be painted, stained, sanded and worked like wood. WoodEpox® can be used for structures, floors, windowsills and frames, moldings, moldings, furniture and sculpture. In addition to wood, the product bonds well to ceramics, concrete, metal and glass. The working time is about 20 minutes. According to the manufacturer, WoodEpox® is 100% epoxy and contains no VOCs or water. A companion product, LiquidWood®, may be used for deeper penetration or as a priming layer. WoodEpox® is a permanent treatment for wood and cannot be safely removed.

WoodEpox A FTIR

Woodepox A FTIR.JPG

WoodEpox B FTIR

Woodepox B FTIR.JPG

WoodEpox mix FTIR

Woodepox mix FTIR.JPG


  • WoodEpoxA is composed of a proprietary diglycidyl ether resin mixture with microballoons. The epoxy base material is a white thixotropic paste that is considered a minor skin irritant with low oral toxicity.
  • WoodEpoxB is composed of a proprietary mixture of amines mixed with microballoons. The curing agent is a tan thixotropic paste with a light ammonia odor. Contact may cause extreme eye irritation and minor skin irritation, including contact dermatitis.
  • Abatron WoodEpoxA and WoodEpoxB: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

WoodEpox® consists of 2 components: resin paste (A) and hardener paste (B). A well-blended mixture of equal proportions A and B will harden in 1-2 hours to form a lightweight, non-shrinking product that is resistant to chemical, water, heat, and weather.

Product WoodEpox® mixture
Form 100% solids, 1:1 mixture
Tensile Strength 17.5 Mpa
Compressive Strength 37.9 Mpa
Hardness Shore D 53-55
Elongation 4%

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