Young fustic

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Fabric dyed with young fustic


European smoketree Cotinus coggygira

A natural yellow dyestuff obtained from the wood of the smoketree, Cotinus coggygria (formerly Rhus cotinus). This small tree, also called Venetian sumac, is native to southern Europe, the Middle East, India and China. The primary coloring compounds are fisetin and myricetin. Young fustic, also called fustet, has poor lightfastness. It was used for textiles and shading during the Middle Ages, but was rarely used after the 16th century.

(This is not the same dye as old fustic.)

Synonyms and Related Terms

young fustik; Zante fustic; fustet; Hungarian yellow wood; Venetian sumach; fustelb (Fr.); Fisetholz (Deut.); scotano (It.); fustete (Esp.); fiset (Ned.); Natural Brown 1; CI 75620; fisetin; myriceti; Cotinus coggygria (European smoketree); Rhus cotinus

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Fisetin is soluble in hot water, ethanol, alkali solutions.
  • Tree height = up to 5 m
  • Bark = light gray-brown
  • Foliage = purple color oval-shaped leaves.
CAS 528-48-3

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