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A sedimental rock composed of sand grains (Quartz) cemented together by other materials, such as Silica, iron oxide, Clay, or Calcite. Sandstone varies widely in its hardness, color, and durability. The colors can be white, yellow, red, brown, or gray. Sandstones account for 10-20% of the Earth's sedimentary rock and form the backbone for some mountain ranges such as the Appalachians (Eastern U.S.), the Carpathians (eastern Europe), the Pennines (England), and the Apennines (Italy). Sandstones have been widely used for buildings, paving, grindstones, and whetstones.

Sandstone blocks
MFA# 54.648

Synonyms and Related Terms

siltstone; graywacke; arkose; quartzite; brownstone; greensand; arenisca (Esp.) ;grès (Fr.); arenito (Port.); Sandstein (Deut.); zandsteen (Ned.)

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Size of sand grains = 0.06 - 2 millimeter
  • Density = 2.14-2.36 g/ml


Properties of Common Abrasives

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