1.06.09 Zinc Oxide (bottles a

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Pigment Number 1.06.09; 1.06.9; A-22 (PMA)
Pigment Classification 1.06 WHITE - Zinc White
Bottle Label Zinc Oxide (bottles a, b)
Collection Source EWF
Supplier/Manufacturer Merck Chemical Co.
Date 1927

Museums and labs that have a sample

Lab Name Lab Number Comment
Brooklyn Museum 1.06.9
Buffalo State 1.06.9
DIA-Detroit 1.06.9 Three vials
IFA-NYU 1.06.9
Library of Congress 1.06.09
McRI-Chicago 1.06.9
PMA-Philadelphia A-22 label does not have '1927' 'bottles a & b'
Walters-Baltimore 1.06.9 Slide mounted
Winterthur 1.06.9 v


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