8.02.08 Artificial ultramarine

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Pigment Number 8.02.08; 8.02.8; 734 (NYU old)
Pigment Classification 8.02 BLUE - Ultramarine Blue (Natural and Artificial)
Bottle Label Artificial ultramarine
Collection Source H. Zimmerman
Supplier/Manufacturer Fezandie and Sperrle
Sample Composition XRD: Lazurite (77-1702)

Museums and labs that have a sample

Lab Name Lab Number Comment
Brooklyn Museum 8.02.8; 734 (old)
Buffalo State 8.02.8
DIA-Detroit 8.02.8
ICA-Cleveland 8.02.8
IFA-NYU 8.02.8; 734 (old)
Library of Congress 8.02.8
McRI-Chicago 8.02. 8
Walters-Baltimore 8.02.8
Winterthur 8.02.8 Missing


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