Abrasive Lapping Film

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[3M] Part of the abrasives systems of 3M for microfinishment. The material is aflexible polyester film with an adhesive layer one side and coated with micron graded aluminum oxide on the opposite side. The film is to be used for a wet polish.

The material is intended after polishing with micro-mesh products

Micron ranges: 0.05 (Off-White) , 0.3 (white), 1.0 (yellow-green), 3.0 (pink), 5.0 (brown), 9.0 (light blue), 12.0 (yellow), 40.0 (blue)

Synonyms and Related Terms

Abrasive Lapping Film; Imperial Lapping Film; Lapping film roll 261x; microfinishing rolls.

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