Acrylic colors

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Acrylic on paper


Artist paints prepared from pigments dispersed in acrylic resins and diluted with Mineral spirits. The paints dry rapidly to a hard, nonyellowing film. Acrylic colors were first sold by Bocour Artist Colors under the brand name of Magna in 1949. Another type of acrylic artist paint, called polymer colors, is an aqueous dispersion.

See also Polymer colors.

Synonyms and Related Terms

acrylics; acrylic paints; acrylic colours (Br.); couleur acrylique (Fr.); peinture acrylique (Fr.); pintura acrílica (Esp.); Colori acrilici (It.); tintas acrilicas (Port.)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in mineral spirits, turpentine.


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