Aluminum bronze

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An alloy of Copper that contains 4 - 15 % Aluminum. Aluminum bronze has a pale gold color and is also called aluminum gold and gold bronze. Aluminum bronzes cast well but are difficult to forge. They are very corrosion resistant and strong. Industrially, these strong alloys are used for clamps, gears, wheels, turbine blades, ship propellors, nonsparking tools, and nonmagnetic chains. Powdered aluminum bronze is used as a metallic, gold-color pigment in oil-based paints and inks. The tarnish resistant metal is also used in jewelry and architecture to simulate Gold.

Synonyms and Related Terms

albronze; aluminum gold; gold bronze; bronze d'aluminium (Fr.); bronce de aluminio (Esp.); Aluminiumbronze (Deut.);

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