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[Graphic Vision, New Hampshire] A registered trademark for one of the first synthetic cements. The original Ambroid® glue was made ca.1900 from celluloid scraps as a replacement for spruce gum when repairing wood-canvas canoes. The fast-drying, waterproof Cellulose nitrate adhesive was later used as airplane dope. Currently, there are several Ambroid® adhesive formulations, inluding the original cellulose nitrate cement, and polyvinyl acetate emulsions.

See also Amberoid.

Additional Information

Graphic Vision, parent company of Ambroid®: Website

Resources and Citations

  • Peabody Museum Acc. File 26-7C, Harvard Univ., from Prelim. Report, New Mexico Expedition 1926 at Swarts Ranch ruin: "By the use of a new waterproof glue, Ambroid .. Mr. Cosgrove was able to mend even the most badly crushed pieces" (A.V. Kidder, Curator)

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