Aniline blue

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1) A bright, blue synthetic triarylmethane dye. Aniline blue was first made from coal-tar derivatives by Girard and de Laire and patented in January 1861. The blue color is formed by heating Magenta in the presence of excess Aniline. Aniline blue is used as a dye and stain.

2) The sodium salt of the same compound is called water soluble aniline blue. Aniline Blue WS is used as in inks and dyes (Wool, nylon, Leather, and Paper).

Synonyms and Related Terms

1: CI 42780; Solvent Blue 3; roseaniline blue; rosaniline blue; Bleu de Lyon; Anilinblau (Deut.); bleu d'aniline (Fr.); colorante de anilina (Esp.); mple anilinh (Gr.); blu d'anilina (It.); aniline blauw (Ned.); azul de anilina (Port.); Spirit Blue; CAS# 8004-91-9; China blue; Ink Blue A; Calcoid Blue B; Acid Blue R; 2: CI 42775; Acid Blue 22; aniline blue WS; soluble blue; CAS # 28631-66-5; Water Blue 2B;


  • Contact may cause irritation.
  • Toxic by ingestion causing hemoglobinemia.
  • ThermoFisher: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

pH indicator range = 10.0 (blue)-13.0 (orange)

Composition 1) C32H27N3O9S3
CAS 1) 8004-91-9
Molecular Weight 2) 737.75


[[media:|Characteristics of Common Blue Pigments]]

Characteristics of Common Blue Pigments

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