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A condition in which oxygen deprivation results in damage or death. Anoxia treatment are used in conservation to kill insects. To produce an oxygen free environment, an air-tight case must be created, usually with a vapor barrier film, such as Marvelseal® 360. Then the sealed environment is purged with a non-oxygen gas, such as Argon or Nitrogen and oxygen scavenger tablets, such as Ageless®, are added to maintain the low oxygen concentrations. When oxygen levels are kept at or below 0.1%, all life stages of ten commonly found museum insects can be killed in ten days (Daniel et al 1993).

Synonyms and Related Terms

anoxic; anoxia (Esp.); hypoxia (Eng., Dan., Esp., Ned.); Hypoxie (Deut., Fr.); anoxie (Fr.);

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