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Movingui (Distemonanthus spp.)


A ribbon-figured timber obtained from the movingui tree, Distemonanthus benthamianus, native to Africa. Ayan timber ranges from the light golden to a dark yellowish brown color that appears as stripes in quarter-sawn boards. It is a close-textured wood with a straight grain and medium texture. Ayan is used for flooring, cabinetry, interior fittings, and Veneer. It is naturally resistant to fungi and most borer insects.

Movingui Hope chest

Synonyms and Related Terms

Distemonanthus benthamianus; movingui (Fr.); ayan (Fr.); Nigerian satinwood

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Specific gravity = 0.40-0.48 (air dry)
  • Density = 40-48 ppcf

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