BEVA Varnish

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[Conservator's Products, Chatham NJ] A registered trademark for a series of transparent synthetic varnishes primarily of Cyclohexanone resin. BEVA® varnishes are available in glossy, matte and UV stabilized formulations. The matte varnish contains Wax as a matting agent. Both contain a UV absorber and stabilizer.

Synonyms and Related Terms

BEVA Varnish (sp); BEVA® Matte Varnish; BEVA® Finishing Varnish


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Advertised as remaining soluble in naphtha and low aromatic solvents after normal exposure to light for 20-30 years.
  • Boiling point= 140C
  • Density = 0.9 g/ml
  • Odor threshold = 2-5 ppm
  • Appearance = slightly yellow, transparent liquid

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