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Embroidered palm bark
MFA# 2004.430


Birch bark composition
MFA# 1990.428

The tough, protective, outer covering on woody stems and roots. Tree barks have had numerous applications over the years. Smooth barks, such as from Birch trees, have been used for paper, boat building, clothing (Tapa), shoes, baskets, and house construction. Extracts from the barks from Oak and Hemlock trees have been used for tanning leather and dyeing cloth. Cork is a light weight, buoyant bark obtained from Quercus suber trees. Other barks provide medicine (quinine), flavorings (cinnamon) and adhesive extracts.

MFA# 1991.1074

Synonyms and Related Terms

écorce (Fr.); Rinde (Deut.); corteccia (It.); casca (Port.); corteza (Esp)

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