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A lightweight, gray metallic element. Beryllium was discovered in 1797 by Nicholas Vauquelin and later isolated in 1828. Metallic beryllium is the lightest structural metal known. Similar to Aluminum, it is fabricated by rolling and machining. Beryllium metal is used for aircraft and satellites. It is highly permeable to x-rays. It is also used for transmission windows on x-ray detectors. Beryllium is also alloyed with Copper, Aluminum, or Nickel to increase their conductivity.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Be; glucinium ; béryllium (Fr.); berillio (It.); Berílio (Port.); Berilio (Esp.)


Known carcinogen. Inhalation of dust is very highly toxic. Soluble beryllium compounds cause dermatitis.

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Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in acids, except nitric, and alkalis.

Composition Be (atomic no. 4)
CAS 7440-41-7
Melting Point 1280
Density 1.85
Molecular Weight atomic wt = 9.01218

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