Black bean

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Black bean Castanospermum australe


A dense hard wood obtained from an Australian tree, Castanaspermum australe. Black bean wood is a medium to dark brown in color and has darker streaks or figuring. It has a medium texture and a grain that can be straight, wavy, or roey. Black bean wood becomes brittle as it dries and is susceptible to warping. It is resistant to rotting, fungi, and termites but not powderpost beetles. Black bean wood is used for furniture, cabinetry, decorative boxed, cane handles, gunstocks, and veneer.

Black bean (Castanaspermum australe)

Synonyms and Related Terms

blackbean; Moreton Bay chestnut

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Specific gravity = 0.77
  • Density = 45-50 ppcf

Resources and Citations

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