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Rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis


A French term used in Brazil for the milky sap, or latex obtained from various tropical plants from the species Hevea and Ficus. Caoutchouc is a natural rubber composed of polymers of isoprene along with minor impurities of other compounds. It has the capacity for reversible deformation at room temprerature. In 1738, a French research, de la Condamine, presented it's properties, The iin 1839, C. Goodyear discovered theprocess of vulcvanizations., the name caoutchouc was also used for a commercial rubber-based cement in which a small amount of the elastomer was dissolved in a solvent and mixed with mastic. Today, the material is preferentially called Latex or liquid rubber.

Rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis

Synonyms and Related Terms

Rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis

latex; caucho (Esp.); latex (Fr., Port.); caucciù (It.); liquid rubber; rubber latex; elastic gum; India rubber; elastic bitumen; rubber cement; weeping wood; caout-rubber; elasterite, gum rubber

Physical Properties

  • Density = 0.92-0.99

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