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1) A viscous, milky sap produced from numerous plants such as rubber trees, fig trees, spurge, hevea, guayule, and milkweed. The sap from the rubber tree, Hevea brasilienes, can be coagulated with acid then dried to form insoluble sheets of natural rubber. The sap is unstable and begins to decompose within hours of collection unless a small amount of ammonia (less than 1%) is added for stabilization. Latex contains about 33% hydrocarbon, 2% protein, and some sugars and salts suspended in 60% water. Latex rubber is hardened into a usable product by Vulcanization (see also Caoutchouc).

2) The term 'Latex' has been commonly, but confusingly, applied by commercial manufacturers to aqueous emulsions of synthetic resins. It is most often used for house paints. See Latex paint.

Synonyms and Related Terms

1) liquid rubber; rubber latex; látex (Esp.); latex (Fr.); latex (Port.); caoutchouc; guayule; gutta percha

Examples: Vultex

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